Our Story

Welcome to this website for our beautiful son, Otis. Our friends Janelle and Jill have created it to inform our friends and family about our time with Otis and the journey we are on.

Otis’s story, as told by Janelle Geistlinger:

Otis Allen Nidy entered the world in the early morning hours on September 12th, 2010. Sarah, our brave, warrior goddess endured 71 hours of labor to deliver him and was supported by Erik throughout. At 10 lbs., 10.4 oz. and 22 inches long, Otis was simply gorgeous, perfect in every way with the most delicious head of thick, wavy brown hair.

Sadly, Otis was very ill and was whisked away shortly after his birth for specialized treatment. After Otis had spent several hours in the NICU, Sarah and Erik were devastated to learn that Otis did not have any discernible brain activity.  As brand new parents they were faced with making the incredibly difficult decision to remove Otis from life support systems. In keeping with their intention to provide Otis with a beautiful quality of life, they opted not to keep him alive artificially.

Otis passed gently, gracefully and without pain at 3:30pm on September 13th, in his father Erik’s arms. It was the honor of my lifetime to witness Sarah and Erik experience the short time Otis spent with us. The grace, humility, acceptance, and love they showed in the face of the unthinkable was amazing.

Sarah and Erik ask for your prayers and support, for Sarah’s physical healing and for them as a couple to endure the loss of their beautiful son. The road they are on is long and likely to be bumpy and hard. More than ever before they need us, as their community, to rally around them and to remember them and to include them in our lives.

What can you do?
Please sign up on the Meal Train calendar to bring them food to nourish their bodies and souls and give them hugs and warm wishes as you deliver it. Please visit the Contributions page to see how making a fiscal contribution will make a difference to them, both in allowing them to put Otis’s body to rest and in helping them access to mental health services and activities to promote their healing.  Please leave your kind words of support for Sarah and Erik on the Messages page.

Thank you so much for being a part of Sarah and Erik’s world. I am honored to know you and to hold space with you for Sarah and Erik to heal.

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